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Time/Size: 19 min MB 415

Idelsy Love and Misty Stone are interviewed before their championship boxing bout and Idelsy says how she is going to get even for Misty destroying one of her friends, but Misty has other ideas, she is not about to let this little brunette get her belt. Next day in the ring we find both ladies in robes with gloves on and the trash talking begins, Misty goes to the brunette’s corner to intimidate her but Idelsy seems strong. The robes come off revealing our topless pugilists and we are ready to rumble. Misty wildly attacks but Idelsy has a plan and she keeps moving avoiding all of Misty’s power, hard shot after hard shot are met with only air as the agile Idelsy bobs and weaves. The bell rings and both ladies go to their corners where water flows over their hot bodies. Next round finds more of the same and Misty is showing real signs of fatigue, and to make matters worse Idelsy is hitting her with some savage shots to both head and body, extra loud are the sounds of these thudding blows. In the corners again and Misty grimaces through her mouth guard as she is sponged off, she doesn’t know how much more of this she can take… she can take a lot because there are so many more smashing blows, so, so many more !!!!!!


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