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Bulbous butts in dental floss sling bikinis – the bulging behinds belong to Charlie Mancini and Victoria Marquez, two gorgeous ladies bent on destruction. The brunette vs. the blonde and boy do these ladies look hot in their tiny slings and high black stockings – we all know how rough Charlie can be, this brutality takes the blonde by surprise as Charlie attacks with savage wedgies and breast attacks. Even when Victoria seems almost out Charlie keeps up the attack. Finally Vic clamps on to the brunette’s large breasts and squeezes for control, now it’s her turn to destroy as she smashes Charlie’s tits into the ropes then drags them across the ropes burning her nipples as she goes. Victoria also returns the favor of the butt and crotch splitting wedgies as Charlie has taught her how to be mean. Now it’s a back and forth battle as each lady takes her turn at destruction — even going so far as taking off the string slings but still using them to wedgie, and when Charlie pulls on that wedgie she really pulls even stands on the ropes for more leverage, she really loves going after beautiful women but Victoria is learning as she realizes to compete with the likes of Charlie she has to find her mean side and find it she does. Wedgies that show off both their bulbous butts and split their tender pussies plus breast mauling at it’s most savage – another wild match with two awesome beauties !!!!!

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