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Oh boy, sexy ladies and string bikinis – what a great combination. And speaking of great combinations we have Sasha Heart and Idelsy Love, two gorgeous ladies about the same size and looking so sexy in those skimpy slings. Idelsy is in the midst of a photo shoot when Sasha bursts in and as usual causes trouble, so much trash talking, few talk the trash as well as Sasha, if you haven’t seen this spunky little red head you have missed one wild woman. Idelsy is overwhelmed by the wild one as Sasha shows how mean she can get as she pulls those strings high up the brunette’s beautiful butt, then up the front to split her crotch, after the destruction of these areas she goes after Idelsy’s full breasts, wrapping those strings around her chest orbs and pulling tight, then uses her hands to gouge and pinch and all with the spunky style of this wild red head. Eventually even the skimpy suits come off, now only clad in those high stocking Idelsy finally uses her experience to come back and now it’s her turn to destroy; strings are used to split the brunette, as deep inside her pussy and ass sink those strings, then it’s her turn to go after Red’s pert petit breasts. Crotches are exposed now and both ladies go after this vulnerable area, they clamp on and make their foe crawl as she tries to flee the pain. Finally it’s too much for one and down she stays rubbing all those sore spots while her foe gloats – sexy ladies and string bikinis, great combination !!!!!!

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