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Remember those fabulous videos with the super sexy Alyssa Rees as a school girl, well hold on because we have found another and this one could be the best of all because she is fighting non other than Cali Logan and both girls are dressed in the cutest of school girl outfits, yes those sexy short skirts that ride up their perfect asses, short tops exposing their sleek bellies and of course their tennis shoes. Does anyone have more energy than gorgeous Alyssa, no -but Cali is as tough as they come so even when the sleek brunette hits her with a mammoth blow to the head little Cali crawls till she gets her senses back, oh and that crawl along with some later ones by Alyssa in those short skirts is worth the whole video. Back to the fight, we have Cali now on a vengeance rampage as she chokes Alyssa’s head with her seductive legs, she pulls Alyssa’s arm up between her butt cheeks to add pain to the brunette and pleasure for us. Wild and crazy they get as only youth can, on the ground they intertwine legs each going for a leg hold and it is so erotic. Each girl knocks the other out as they clamp on smothers covering both nose and mouth then a kiss for good measure. Smothers, holds and slugs with the wild energy of youth and two of the sexiest girls around — enjoy !!!!!

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