Match 1 – So you asked for it – we’ve done it, got Tylene Buck and Abigail Mac together and how great is it to have this stunning blonde up against one of the most beautiful brunettes ever, and to make it even better they are both dressed in skimpy string bikinis and black thigh high stocking. So bend over ladies because your cracks are about to be filled with cloth, cloth that is soon jammed up those round rumps and then splitting their pussy lips. Oh does Abby love twerking Tylene’s perky nipples, then pulls the strings tight around the blonde’s large breasts, next to the ground where she stands over Tylene pulling up on the stings, so hard she pulls that Tylene’s butt comes high off the ground. The blonde gets her turn and can’t miss those long hard jutting nipples of Abby, she twists and turns them like she is opening a safe, then also wedgies the brunette till her pussy lips are spread wide and she is screaming in pain, to her ass she goes and Abby does a dance as her butt cheeks are split in half by the thin straps. Both ladies end up nude except for those sexy stocking and the attacks become more violent, the face-sits land harder and the breast and crotches are wildly attacked — till finally one can take more more because she is sore, oh so extremely SORE !!!!!!!

Match 2 – Do not have a sex fight with Prinzzess, damn that girl gets mean, so Christina Carter found out as she challenged the blonde to a fight over a black mail video. The winner of the fight becomes the sex slave of the other and they start out wild, both managing to strip the other of her clothes but we soon see that Prinzzess is willing to go that extra mile when she sinks her teeth into Christina’s ass or whips her with her jeans or bites down on her crotch or…. you get the idea. Now don’t think the buxom beauty doesn’t get her licks in but every time she does the Prinzzess just comes back with a vengeance, Chris pulls her hair and the blonde almost pulls the hair out of her head! So it is no wonder Christina can take no more but if she thought giving in would stop the pain she was sorely mistaken because being Prinzzess’ slave is bad news!! Not only does she constantly have to praise the blonde but then lick her feet and while doing that Prinzzess puts the other foot deep in her ass crack and this is only the beginning, our wild blonde finds so many amazing positions to have Christina sexually satisfy her, it will amaze and delight you but most of all you will remember – do not have a sex fight with Prinzzess !!!!!!

Match 3 – Francesca Le and Akira Lane are rival gym owners. They look sporty in their skintight work out pants and sports bras. Akira confronts Francesca in a rage. She thinks that Francesca has been poaching her clients. Francesca laughs off Akira’s sharp words. Luckily, both girls are wearing perfect clothes to get sweaty in. They get in each other’s faces. Chest bumping leads to breast mauling, which leads to hair pulling, but the fun really starts when the entrepreneurs peel one another’s tops off. The fight slowly leads toward the ring, where Francesca and Akira take turns biting each other’s nipples. When the pain becomes too much, Francesca tries to crawl away from her attacker. This becomes a perfect opportunity for Akira to steel Francesca’s pants. Francesca screams, “NO! I’m not wearing any underwear!” Francesca returns the favor and removes every last stitch of clothing from Akira. The women fight tooth and nail, completely nude, for the rest of this very entertaining catfight.  


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