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Two of our toughest, yes some girls can take more than others, hell, some even like it rough which is just what we have with Prinzzess and Jewell Marceau, and to add fun to the fight they are fighting over a girl they both want. The winner gets to make the loser her sex slave, they strip down to sexy bra and panties and we are off to one very vicious cat fight that eventually has both ladies naked and destroying. Prinzzess gets the upper hand and once in control she keeps it with devastating hair pulling, breast pulling that distorts poor Jewell’s breasts to the maximum – who knew breasts could be pulled that far. When Prinzzess gets on a sadistic roll she rolls hard and poor Jewell feels the pain in so many ways: drastic chokes and head scissors till the brunette is begging for mercy, but the blonde wants her sex slave beaten and complacent so she continues her onslaught with an amazing hold where she puts on leg over her knee and pulls Jewell’s opposite arm stretching her for maximum pain. And that hair pulling is some of the most savage ever, standing on her back and pulling up and in so many other ways, you will wonder how there is any brunette hair left. And we haven’t even mentioned the sex slave part yet – no doubt Prinzzess is about as mean as they come but Jewell is as tough as they come – to be able
to take all of this !!!!!

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