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TOPLESS CATFIGHT MATCH 1 – Aaliyah Love has come to Ana Foxx for help. She is asking the powerful champion to show her a couple signature moves. With a glowing smile, Ana agrees and both women get on the mat. The topless ladies intertwine as Ana shows Aaliyah what an arm bar is. Then it is Aaliyah’s turn to try the arm bar on Ana. However, Aaliyah seems to be pushing a little too hard. Then they tackle the figure four leg lock and the same thing happens. Aaliyah seems to apply a little too much pressure. All of a sudden, Aaliyah applies all of her power to the lock. Ana screams and starts cursing out her shameless attacker. Aaliyah laughs her blonde curls out of her face and tells Ana to submit. Ana summons all of her courage and refuses to give in. She shoves Aaliyah hard and regains her freedom. Ana jumps on the opportunity and takes the upper hand. She puts Aaliyah in a bow and arrow, Boston crab, and body scissors. Finally, Ana finishes the disrespectful fool with the very moves she had endeavored to learn. The arm bar and figure four leg lock that Ana sinks in are a grueling and fitting end for someone as diabolical as Aaliyah Love.

NUDE CATFIGHT MATCH 2 – Abigail Mac and Brooklyn Chase are dressed in their skimpy sling bikinis and ready to have a multi fall battle. Brooklyn is at her robust best, her huge breasts are busting out all over and soon Abigail is letting her fingers go deep into that supple breast flesh, but not before she gives the voluptuous blonde some super wedgies. Brooklyn is not used to that thin strap going deep in her ass or between her pussy lips and she screams with pain and loses the first fall. But Brooklyn is bigger and stronger than Abby and she uses her power in the second fall jamming some fabric up the brunette’s amazing ass, then shows she can also destroy breasts especially those pert nipples, they get pinched and tweaked as Abby screams from the pain – hell she even ups the ante as she goes after Abigail’s tender crotch, digging in her sharp nails, harder and harder till Abby submits. So many more falls to go and so much more pain to dish out – both of their gorgeous breasts are gouged and pummeled, the wedgies are deep and the pussies are attacked. The suits just get in the way and are taken off and used for more up the middle wedgies. Two bountiful babes going all the way and going hard — enjoy !!!!!

TOPLESS CATFIGHT MATCH 3 – Squish squash – someones getting lost, that’s right getting lost inside the flesh of the gorgeous Christina Carter, and who might that someone be; none other than the beautiful Akira Lane. Christina loves squishing Asian ladies and Akira is next on the list, of course Akira doesn’t think this is going to happen, not until she finds herself on the couch with her head between Christina’s legs and her own legs being pulled in a match book squish – this is just the beginning of one amazing long match chock full of incredible crushes. Not just flattening compressions but some great foot worship and foot pressing as Christina wraps her feet around Akira’s face and neck then is forced to suck those toes, deep and hard she sucks. Then back to more compressions, her legs wrap around the Asian beauty in so many intricate ways, from squeezing her into a ball to planting her butt cheeks hard on Akira breasts and every other possible pulverizing smoosh. She even wants to flatten those beautiful breasts so she strips off her top to get good traction on those luscious tits and then the living room isn’t good enough so she has to take her to the bedroom for some real bouncy crushing squishes. Squish squash and in every possible way !!!!!


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