Cali vs Miko & Cherie


Time/Size: 26 min / 630 MB

How many positions can there be to dominate one cocky beauty, we are about to find out when Miko Sinz and Cherie Deville destroy Cali Logan. It’s supposed to be a cunt busting match between Miko and Cali but Cherie joins Miko because she so wants revenge on the slim beauty. Cali, so sexy in her short skirt, stockings and heels and even sexier when the dom duo strip her top off as they go to work on her vulnerable body – each taking turns going after her crotch, they pull that skirt up to reveal her wonderful ass so they can slam her from behind, then do her standing, also with her legs split wide, and of course with a running start, she seems out of it. But wait, she finds a way to get both of them at once and now it’s her turn to smash some middles as she takes turns on each gorgeous body. But let us not forget there are two of them and eventually they get back in charge finding more very inventive ways of destruction, Cherie uses her powerful butt on Cali’s sweet face to hold her down while Miko claws away. And for the coup de grace they splay her legs across the middle ropes, tie her up and proceed to go after her inviting breasts and nipples then with running destruction and even biting – that’s right using their teeth for the ultimate crotch destruction. Two on one and these two are so great and against one of the ultimate ones !!!!!!


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