Tylene vs Aaliyah


Time/Size: 30 min / 771 MB

The great Tylene Buck in wrestling today. As she gets limber in her corner she notices that today she is taking on a relative nobody. Aaliyah Love is brand new to the wrestling world. Her fresh face and doe eyes tell the whole story. She is nervous, yet excited to be in the ring with the legend that is Tylene Buck. After Aaliyah is teased and bullied by Tylene, round 1 begins. Much to Tylene’s surprise, Aaliyah is incredibly fast and strong. She catches Tylene in a chicken wing and puts her on the mat. Tylene taps in utter astonishment. In what may be Tylene’s most shameful moment at DT, she crawls across the ring on all fours and has to mark a point on the board for Aaliyah. Tylene swears revenge in round 2. Aaliyah smiles before putting Tylene on her back and sinking in a one legged Boston crab. Tylene screams, but the round isn’t over yet. Aaliyah takes her time trying out as many fun holds as she can think of on the bewildered Tylene. To add insult to injury, Aaliyah opens Tylene’s top so everyone can see her perfect tits. Aaliyah forces Tylene to fight the rest of the match with her breasts showing. This video might be the most extreme example of a newbie embarrassing a Double Trouble legend that you will ever see.


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