Christina vs. Cherie

Time/Size: 25 min / 608 MB

Cherie Deville is modeling for a topless photo shoot in the DT wrestling ring. She giggles and announces that she “must be the best topless model at DT.” Cherie continues to pose and show off her red thong and thigh high stockings. Christina Carter meanders into the ring wearing a very similar outfit to Cherie’s. Cherie snaps at Christina to, “Get out!” Christina is appalled and immediately attacks Cherie. She bends Cherie over and applies a drawn out wedgie with Cherie’s tiny red thong. Cherie cries for mercy, but her pain is far from over. Christina laughs as she drags Cherie around the ring by her cute little blonde ponytail. The only respite that Cherie gets is when Christina pauses her attacks to remove Cherie’s panties. The humiliation of this act renews Cherie’s energy. She attacks Christina by throwing her in the corner and mauling her giant breasts. Cherie then uses her teeth to give Christina a frontal wedgie that leaves Christina’s crotch red and sore for hours. Cherie takes Christina’s panties as a trophy. How will this epic match between DT greats end? I guess you will have to watch this video to find out.