Alix vs. Makayla

Time/Size: 19 min / 473 MB

Wow, so hot in their high heels and stockings, Alix Lynx in red with a blazing red bra and all in black is Makayla Cox. Alix struts in as they are told it’s down to the two of them for a big movie roll, they’re left alone – big mistake because because Alix tells Makayla she has no chance in fact just to make sure she decides to beat her up and with a good slug to the jaw she has the big beauty stunned and on the canvas, thus begins her demolition where she chokes her with her knee, pounds her kidneys, a combination waist scissor choke, strips her top off for a killer bow and arrow, then a savage battering in the corner… seems to be over, but wait… here comes the big beauty and now it’s the blonde’s turn to feel the pain. Makayla drags her around the ring by her hair then plants her sweet ass on that pretty face to deprive her of air, chokes plus a real kidney battering and so much more. Can she keep it up or will the blonde make her pay for all of this — one will be kissing some ass and the other kissing some canvas !!!!!

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