Alix vs. Texas Pattie

Time/Size: 20 min / 479 MB

Texas Patti is one wild hot M.I.L.F. and she loves fighting, so remembers Alix Lynx as she sits on the couch putting her heels on – she remembers, as we see Patti beating the hell out of her in their last match, bruised and battered Texas continues to destroy poor Alix till she has her on the canvas and forces her into a very humiliating pin. Alix shows up at the ring for her rematch facing a cocky Texas Patti wearing the championship belt and telling her how she plans on paying her back but the brunette just makes fun of her telling her how she plans on doing it again. Lots of bluster by both babes and they are soon backing it up, throwing each other around the ring by their hair and this is just the beginning of their wild fight. So hot watching these two in their short skirts rolling around the mat, Alix uses Patti’s own arms to choke her in a cross neck choke then the blonde strips the brunette’s top off and attacks her succulent breasts — yes, Alix is getting her revenge and she shows her anger as on the attack she rolls but a low blow gets Patti back in the game. How great to have a wild fun match and to get to see a fabulous new fighter, yes Texas Patti is a real joy – so enjoy this wonderful revenge match !!!!!

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