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Match 1 – Dominance, dominance, dominance – that’s what we get with a muscular girls like Skylar Rene and when a spunky black beauty like Ivy Sherwood is in the ring when the superior one wants to work out, well, there’s going to be hell to pay. Skylar says if she doesn’t leave she is going to turn Ivy into her foot bitch. As Ivy is telling her how she is not going to leave Skylar attacks putting the surprised Ivy in a choke hold and taking her to the ground where she clamps those muscular thighs tight around her now sore neck, oh that beautiful face getting so squeezed. And this is only the beginning of the total devastation that our gorgeous athletic beauty pours on poor Ivy, with inventive foot chokes, smothers, scissors, arm benders and then those great foot smothers; top of the foot, sole of the foot, slap her face with that foot, make her eat it and you will so love all of it, of course Ivy was not loving any of this – but this is Skylar so you will suck and eat what she says !!!!!!!

Match 2 – Oh my, four, that’s right four super hot hot hot babes and all in one sexy extravaganza – and oh goodness do I mean sexy. So if you didn’t see Sarah Jessie’s Fresh Faces match you missed one hell of a sensual wrestling session and this is the continuation of that one. As you remember Sarah was straddling Alix Lynx and both ladies were getting very turned on, well Vanessa Veracruz and Ariel X are now watching this hot match and decide to have some fun, we know they are looking for fun when they take off their tops. Soon both of these topless beauties are straddling the faces of the two in the ring – ok it’s a hard image to imagine but trust me when you see it you will know you are watching art – and then comes the water as X drenches the two sexual battlers. We could stop here and this would be a great match but it gets so much better – every amazing hold is joined with lots of sexual touching and kissing and constant water soaking. They rub crotches and suck breasts, it’s one on one then two on two; Ariel and Vanessa slam the blonds together first the breasts are forced to rub then the pussies. My favorite is when they force the blondes to trib while they face sit them and all the while drenching their hot bodies. And the end, wow the end will really leave you hanging, and I do mean hanging. If these four don’t steam you up you better check yourself in because you’re one sick puppy !!!!!

Match 3 – Makayla Cox is a glorious Amazon huntress. She is wearing a bikini made of animal skins. The tribal woman is tying up the sweaty and stinking monster that she recently captured. She poses confidently to celebrate such a productive hunt. However, while Makayla’s back is turned, the monster escapes its bindings. Thus begins a violent battle between horrid beast and heavenly goddess. Soon the gnarled brute starts to dominate the fight. He picks the whimpering Amazon up over his head and then sends her soaring to the ground. Lots of crotch mauling and breast abuse leaves our alluring hunter begging for mercy from a ruthless animal. Using the rope that once bound him, he creates a collar and walks Makayla around the ring like his personal pet. Makayla cries in shame, but is harshly reprimanded with strong lashes to her buttocks. This teaches Makayla to be a good little pet. Will this wild beauty stay the monster’s slave forever or can she escape? Watch and find out!


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