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Jewell vs Kym

Time/Size: 21 min / 533 MB

Kymberly Jane is telling Jewell Marceau about how her and her boyfriend are going to a Halloween party in a cute couples costume. After a little bit of friendly conversation, Jewell realizes that they are dating the same guy. Jewel is pissed off that Kymberly has stolen her adorable idea for a costume. The bickering gets louder until the women are at each other’s throats. Kymberly grabs the front of Jewell’s dress and rips it open. Jewell’s enormous breasts come flying out. Jewell is aghast. She grabs Kymberly’s flower dress. Jewell lifts it up, exposing Kymberly’s plump ass. Kymberly tries to back away, but it is too late. Jewell holds onto the dress and pulls the whole thing off. Kymberly is now completely naked and ashamed. These scornful fighters take every chance they get to bite their opponent’s breasts and crotch. At one point, Jewell has Kymberly laid out on the couch. She spreads Kymberly’s legs and drops her head deep into Kymberly’s crotch. Jewell opens wide and bites down hard. Kymberly’s blood curdling scream might wake your neighbors so turn the volume down while watching this video. Kymberly removes Jewell’s see through red panties and licks her lips before biting Jewell back. If you want to see two buxom beauties biting each other’s naked bodies, then you will love this match.

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