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Ariel & Puma vs. Nikki

Time/Size: 19 min / 437 MB

Nikki Delano never looked so fetching in her school girl outfit, she is trembling and well she should because across from her stands the mighty Puma and his partner, the ultimate female destroyer Ariel X and they’re here to teach this little school girl the ropes. Puma begins his instruction with a gorilla press, through her legs goes one hand and on her breasts goes the other so he can hoist her high above his head and this is just to get her ready. Yes, get her ready for his parter so she can hoist her on the padded table and search her fabulous body, X’s hands reach under Nikki’s short skirt and along her muscular legs till she shudders with fear, well deserved fear as Puma now takes over to initiate more pro moves, he throws her over the top rope and uses it to weaken her crotch, then back to the tale where X takes off her clothes till she is left in this oh so sexy one piece. More gorilla presses and breast grabs by Puma and more body probing by Ariel even a vibrator to probe Nikki’s mouth along with some great holds put on by the great Ariel X, put those hands through her legs and command that hold that shows off Nikki’s amazing ass — enjoy !!!!!

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