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Ariel vs. Alix

Time/Size: 20 min / 490 MB

In the ring waits the lithe beauty, Alix Lynx, she stretches wearing her mma gloves – she waits for her opponent and when she sees Ariel she knows what trouble awaits her. Ariel X struts up to Alix laughing that she dare be in the ring with her but admits she finds her very sexy and will enjoy beating her up – soon she was doing just that – oh how that tight gut gets busted, over and over X pounds away at that beautiful middle, but she also goes after her breasts and some killer head shots, you might say she hammers her whole body. How can Alix take such a beating, she goes down and still gets up, the bell saves her a few times but why doesn’t she just quit, especially when Ariel pulls off her trunks leaving her naked from the waist down and eventually Ariel decides to take off all her clothes – so just quit Alix. What a minute Ariel is getting tired, but she is still able to batter the beautiful blonde – yet there is a chance, but can she take more punishment and still be able to…

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