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Alix vs Akira

Time/Size: 21 min / 494 MB

So many have been waiting for this one since the twitter photos went out and here it is just in time for Christmas. Alix Lynx is dressed in the cutest elf costume as she readies herself for a Christmas party, she is such a sexy little Christmas Elf as she admires how great her body looks in this slinky outfit – in bursts Akira Lane, also in the same sexy elf costume. We have a real problem because they can’t wear the same costume to the party and they both think the other girl should change, it soon escalates to yelling then they go after the outfits and with each piece they rip off the madder they get till their screaming accompanies a stripping fest – both elf suits are ripped off leaving only thigh high black stockings and panties and soon they go after these till both babes are naked. Now they want to destroy each other and they go after every part of their foes body, first the breasts get mauled, then hair is yanked as they strive to make their enemy bald, next to the crotches they go, savagely they dig their sharp nails in but this doesn’t cause enough pain so they are soon biting pussies. From floor to couch to wall they battle in this non stop super wild catfight. Wild to the point of hysterical they go crazy on each other with every part of their sexy bodies getting attacked till finally only one is standing and she takes what’s left of both costumes leaving her foe battered and bruised on the floor. Just in time – you will love this outstanding Christmas elf super battle !!!!!!

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