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Romi vs. Raven

Time/Size: 21 min / 511 MB

Raven Hart and Romi Rain are voluptuous brunettes. They are standing in their corners wearing schoolgirl skirts with their plump breasts out for the world to see. They get to the fighting right away. In the middle of the ring they grab at each other’s plaid skirts and the tiny thongs they are wearing underneath the skirts. As they yank upwards, the small skirts lift and reveal Raven and Romi’s shapely round asses as they jiggle. Both women are proud of their curvy bodies. They shake their tits and ass for the camera with a big smile on their face. Whenever they find themselves on top of their opponent they jam their big breasts in their opponent’s face. While this may not be the most effective way to suffocate someone, it is by far the most entertaining. Raven knocks Romi down to the canvass and uses this opportunity to remove the rest of Romi’s clothing. Romi returns the favor and quickly frees Raven of her skirt and underwear. The fighters roll around the mat completely naked. The eventual winner straddles her weakened foe. Grasping for any weapon she can find, she grabs her opponent’s schoolgirl skirt and uses it to choke her enemy combatant into unconsciousness. If you are interested in watching two large breasted brunettes fight each other in the nude, then this is surely the video for you.

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