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Kerri vs. Karen

Time/Size: 20 min / 454 MB

It’s a tit war, the battle of the breasts between Keri Spectrum and Karen Fisher, yes that Karen Fisher, the one with the mammoth breasts so how will Keri be able to stand up against those chest cannons. Best two out of three, they begin in the center of the ring with hands behind their backs as they pound their beautiful breasts together, back and forth, up and down, they smash the chest flesh, then the hands wrap around shoulders for super tit compression – we get some fabulous up and between shots as they struggle for dominance. Finally Karen uses her chest weapons to bounce Keri to the corner where she really works over Keri’s well formed breasts, then even leads her around the ring by her nipples, eventually she drops all that chest pulp on Keri’s face, those tits engulf her till she cannot breath and we have a first fall winner. Keri comes back in the second fall, love it when she has Karen on all fours and uses her big bosoms like punching bags, then gives then a super squeeze, finally wrapping both legs around her breast in an amazing breast hold. This battle rages on and you will see so many more amazing breast attacks — a true battle of the breasts by two of the breast, I mean best !!!!!!

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