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Christina vs. Cherie

Time/Size: 20 min / 481 MB

Christina Carter is stretching in the DT ring. She is wearing a red bra, panty hose, and black booty shorts. Christina is warming up for a fight. She begins shadow boxing and amping herself up for the contest. When Cherie Deville gets inside the ring she wants to make peace with Christina. Ms. Carter laughs in Cherie’s face and lands a stiff kidney shot on her. Cherie drops to the mat. Christina jumps on her back and explains that by the end of this fight, Cherie will be licking Christina’s boots clean. Cherie screams and the struggle begins. Christina peels the skintight red dress off of Cherie. Cherie is left in her red underwear and black garter belt. Her embarrassment is evident as she tries to cover herself with her hands and arms. Christina kicks and punches Cherie until she tires herself out. This allows Cherie to make a come back. Cherie knocks Christina down and uses her round and muscular buttocks to sit on Christina’s face. Once Christina is delirious and gasping for air, Cherie removes Christina’s bra and rips up her panty hose. The fighters trade punches to the face until a loser is decided. The loser is then forced through a barrage of embarrassment as a punishment for losing. Buckle up for this doozy of a catfight.

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