— 90 MINUTES —

TOPLESS CATFIGHT MATCH 1 -Boy have we missed the spunky Celeste Star, hopefully this beauty will be back soon but until then we found a hidden treasure, yes it had been misplaced for the last years but luckily we discovered this jewell. Celeste in her adorable braids takes on Idelsy Love in her pony tail for a classic pantyhose catfight. It’s from back when we used HQs but the action is so intense you will fall in love with these two super beauties all over again. They face off, the verbal tuns to action as they pull shirts off then dig their hands into the bras to get to those luscious breasts but soon the bras come off so they can aggressively go after their inviting chest flesh. They fall to the floor where instantly their short skirts ride up to their waists showing all of those beautiful nylon clad asses. Each las rolls to the top position allowing full pressure on her opponents tits, then from behind they squeeze breasts and gouge crotches as they vie for dominance. Those braids and that ponytail fall across their chests then each lady uses them as handles to throw their foe around the room. Red fingernails dig deep as between their fingers protrudes mammary tissue, one finally secures her breast over the others face until the fight is smothered out of her. Celeste is a Star and you will love seeing her again, especially in such a super classic pantyhose catfight !!!!!!

NUDE CATFIGHT MATCH 2 – Liz Ashley has been begging DT to give her a rematch against Serene Siren. Liz was crushed by Serene in their last meeting. Liz can’t let that stand. She has to show Serene that she “is the baddest blonde at DT.” The ladies finally have their rematch. They each sport natural blonde hair and black lingerie. They waste little time before getting to fight. Both women grab each other by the hair and yank ferociously. Liz and Serene fall haphazardly onto the couch. Serene mounts Liz and rips her black lace bra off. Serene drops Liz to the floor and reverse schoolgirl pins Ms. Ashley. Serene bounces happily as she mauls Liz’s sensitive crotch. Liz grabs Serene in a body scissors and reverses the position. While grape vining her opponent, Liz smothers Serene’s face with her breasts. Liz removes her panties and shoves them in Serene’s mouth. Liz removes Serene’s panties so she can maul her crotch more effectively. Will Liz be able to revenge her loss to Serene? One would certainly hope so, that way we will get to see the rubber match. You are going to love this gripping fight between two blonde hotties.

TOPLESS CATFIGHT DOMINANCE MATCH 3 – Have you seen Tia Kai, wow this is one hot Asian, she is topless sprawled out on the couch, her beauty is so striking as she lounges. In bursts a topless Christina Carter and demands that Tia sign the divorce papers because the buxom one wants to marry her husband but Tia is hesitant and Christina is having none of this and soon decides to destroy Tia with her large breasts, now Tia has some fabulous tits but size wise they don’t compare to Christina’s and soon the tit slamming and bear hugs has Tia pinned against the wall where Christina slams, rubs, crushes, bounces and in general reigns supreme over those beautiful but smaller breasts. After over ten minutes of breast action Christina moves on to other parts of the body with a standing head scissor, then drags her prey to the bedroom for excruciating head and body scissors and sooooo much more !!!!!


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