— 76 MINUTES —

BIKINI/PANTYHOSE CATFIGHT MATCH 1 -Capri Cavanni is being interviewed outside the ring. She is very upset that people keep saying she is soft on her opponents. She wants to prove everyone wrong. Capri promises that she is going to punish her next opponent. To raise the stakes, Capri wants to take on the toughest and meanest girl on the roster, Erika Jordan. Erika soon enters the room. She is mad as a hornet. She barely speaks to Capri before planting some bone crushing punches and kicks on Capri. Once, Capri is laid out on the floor Erika moves the fight to the ring. Erika wears a black bra, panties, and panty hose. Capri is in a gold bra and black leggings. When the girls are finally in the ring they take turns beating each other up. Each one tries to prove that she is meaner and crueler than her opponent. Capri takes delight in ripping Erika’s panty hose to shreds. Erika teases and cackles at Capri with every chance she gets. The loser in this video gets put to sleep with a head scissors as she bleeds from her nose and mouth. Enjoy this bad mannered fight between two brunettes.

NUDE CATFIGHT MATCH 2 – Is it because they have amazing natural bodies, is it because they wrestle nude, is it because they are so beautiful, is it they now know the holds so well or is it those sexy accents – what is it that makes these Euro girls so popular, maybe it’s all of these but whatever it is we are elated so many people love these European ladies. So here are two more naked beauties to sprawl for your delight; Emily and the veteran Brandy, now in an earlier match Brandy taught Emily some of the best holds and today here she is challenging the teacher to a real submission match. First thing, take off all their clothes and again we are thrilled to survey their natural beauty, so sleek, so firm, so feminine and both ready to rumble – we are off and it is a fun back and forth battle that finds the student getting a fast start with a few subs but of course the teacher comes back as they both dish out enough pain for submissions with: body scissors, leg stretches, ab stretches, Boston Crab, arm bar, over the shoulder back breaker, but to but neck stretcher, arm bar, figure four leg lock, Indian leg lock and … wow — so much natural naked flesh and so many excruciating holds. You want the Euro girls so we will keep them coming, because we aim to please with our amazing Euro beauties !!!!!

BIKINI/PANTYHOSE CATFIGHT MATCH 3 – Total domination with sex and destruction, that’s what we have when Jewell Marceau enters the ring finding Prinzzess naked, blind folded and tied. Now Jewell has a real bone to pick with her vulnerable captive as this blonde called her old, weak, a whore and so much more… needless to say Jewell wants revenge – and boy does she get it. She takes Prinzzess to the corner where she works her over with savage gut and head shots, then takes her for a walk so she can slap hell out of her – now she is ready to appease the brunette sexually, Jewell strips and forces her foe to please her, kiss her sweet tits, her butt, her pussy, yes her whole body gets stroked and kissed till Jewell is satisfied. Time for more destruction, whip that ass whip it good, more beat up in the corner, then mix the beat up with sex — get her turned on then turn her off, the hard way. Kiss her erect nipples, stoke her pussy then slug her gut, how about some nipple clamps, how about some… oooh, ouch, mmmm — time flies when you’re having great sexual domination !!!!!!just watching !!!!!!!


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