— 61 MINUTES —

TOPLESS CATBALL FIGHT MATCH 1 -Liz Ashley and CiCi previously known as Capri Cavanni, yes Capri has changed her name to CiCi but she is still the hot sexy beauty she has always been and of course Liz is her luscious Ivory self and both beauties glow, really they glow because of all the oil they lather over those sexy curves. These amazing bodies get cemented together as they hit the mat rolling, yes these babes are into some sticky cat-balling, the oil allows their breasts to slide across each other as their shapely legs intertwine and roll baby roll. They break for some crushing bearhugs and back to more rolling, then it’s a break for an oil up and a butt battle, they smush those beautiful wet asses together to see who can butt bang better. Then we are treated to some savage hair pulling, more bear hugs and of course more amazing cat-balling – Liz with her alabaster skin and CiCi with her bronze curves, stunning shiny bodies will have you mesmerized !!!!!!

TOPLESS CATFIGHT MATCH 2 – Everyone needs their super pantyhose catfight fix and this one should really fit the bill because we have two contrasting beauties that love to dig their nails into hair and flesh; Aaliyah Love and Idelsy Love — same last name but by no means related, and their is by no means love lost between these two contrasts – Idelsy with her dark hair and skin and Aaliyah with her blonde hair and ivory skin. Get ready because after a little arguing they grab hold of their full manes of hair and jerk each other around, then to the floor they go for a roll in their beautiful living room, those nylon clad legs intertwine as their short skirts ride up those slender hips showing off their great asses. Next the shirts get unbuttoned so they can get to the tender breasts and eventually this is not good enough so they take the bras off and now they can really dig those nails into that soft chest flesh, see the tits ripple under their red fingernails as they ride each other both front and rear – when Idelsy pulls the blonde on top of her and spreads her legs while gouging her breasts as we look down on this great view — spectacular. Everyone loves a good pantyhose catfight and this one will not disappoint — fabulous !!!!!

JEANS CATFIGHT MATCH 3 – Helena Locke has Ariel X tied up with rope and hand cuffs. Helena scoffs at how helpless Ariel is. Ariel wiggles and grunts as she struggles to free herself. Helena is feeling frisky so she decides to have one more go at Ariel. Helena bends down and unties Ariel. Ariel shakes out her arms and legs to get blood back into her extremities. The two women crouch into a combative stance. They are both wearing blue jeans and very tight white blouses that are unbuttoned to show their cleavage. Helena and Ariel circle each other like wrestlers. They clash together and then fall to the carpet. Helena puts Ariel in a body scissors and then a schoolgirl pin. However, while Helena has Ariel in a grapevine, Ariel bucks and reverses the position. Ariel puts Helena in a camel clutch. She then reaches behind and starts groping Helena’s ass and crotch. Ariel has Helena in a reverse triangle as both women begin to moan in pleasure. They continue to wrestle and caress one another for a while. This all culminates in Ariel tying up Helena and then pouring water all over her jeans and blouse.


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