DT 1413-01 / Time: 22 Minutes / Size: 533 MB

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Cherie DeVille is stretching in the DT wrestling ring. She has her long, shapely legs up on the ropes. She is wearing skintight jeans and a black sports bra that shows off her perfect stomach. Serena Blair comes into the studio in a full rage. Apparently, Cherie pulled down Serena’s pants in front of a large group of people. For all of Serena’s anger, Cherie can’t seem to give two shits. This infuriates Serena even more. She starts pushing Cherie. However, Cherie is a good deal taller than Serena, so she doesn’t take Serena’s attacks seriously. Serena blows her top and starts throwing punches at Cherie. Cherie laughs as Serena tries to bend her over and pull her pants down to settle the score. Finally, Cherie puts some real effort in and throws Serena off of her. She throws a combination and knocks Serena out. Cherie starts laughing as she gets down on the floor and removes Serena’s jeans, exposing her ass again! At this point, Cherie could have simply left the ring, but her cruel nature won’t allow it. Cherie drags Serena to the other side of the ring and wakes her up for more pain. The women go at it again. Each one tries with all her might to remove the pants from her foe and expose her ass for the DT camera and fans to see. In this video you will enjoy Cherie and Serena’s perfect tits and ass, and as a bonus, the loser will get a long session of bare assed spanking.


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