Match 1 – Best two out of three, ten count body pin, and to make it extra interesting the toes have to be intertwined – these are the rules Erika Jordan dictates to Abigail Mac as they square off in their oh so sexy white bra and panties. You will so love the way they fill out those white bras and those asses in full cut panties is very sexy, but these ladies are here to fight and soon are wrapped in a tight bear hug, across the ring they squeeze till to the floor they go, now it’s roll roll roll as they intertwine their sexy legs struggling to get the toes and body in position for a pin – finally after an intense struggle we have a pin. Next they decide to take their tops off and have at it again, this time the bear hug reveals their beautiful breasts smashed together and again to the floor where they roll and struggle for position till we have another pin. For the final pin they decide to go all out or off in this case, that’s right the bottoms come off and our nude warriors get ready for the longest fall of all, they rub their sexy breasts together and both seem to be getting turned on but eventually they fight and now it’s naked bodies on the canvas struggling for that pin – how sexy watching these two hot beauties roll and grapple for that illusive pin, they are both getting turned on with all this rubbing and humping – so, so sexy !!!!!!

Match 2 – Akira Lane and Diana Knight both realize that Tylene Buck has ruined their lives, so when the bad blonde shows up for the same audition with them their is hell to pay. They decide to rip the tits off of this bitch for what she has done and we are soon in one wild crazy cat fight – the clothes are ripped off and all three nude wild women just keep on brawling. It’s not easy but they finally subdue Tylene but their adrenaline is so high they go after each other till one is out and Tylene is back for the other one – lot’s of one on one till finally they are all three back at it again but now it’s a free for all as it’s just one wild tussle where all three are ripping tits off or grabbing hand fulls of pussy, anything to cause pain and destruction. Amazing pile ups as all three gouge breasts at the same time or literally pile on top of each other in a naked mound of floundering flesh. It’s anything goes for over thirty minutes of incredible action and destruction. These ladies are out for vengeance and they are about to take you on one hell of a ride, so strap in because this one is wild !!!!!!

Match 3 – Serena Blair gets home early and undresses so that she can surprise her husband when he gets home from work. She giggles and admires her completely nude and shaved body. She has long brunette hair, a plump booty, and pert tits. However, her self-appreciation is interrupted by Sasha Heart. Sasha is wearing a black and white polka dot teddy. Surprised, the clueless blonde asks if Serena is the poor wife of the dude she has been seeing. Serena sees red and charges Sasha. They rip and claw at each other until they are both naked and wrestling on the hallway floor. Serena and Sasha sling jibes at each other incessantly. Sasha tells Serena that she is “going to steal” her husband and then sensually licks the entire length of Serena’s face. Serena recoils in disgust. She then explains that her “husband has had many affairs with cheap sluts” and Sasha will be one more forgotten name. As the women pant and moan their insults into one another’s ears they slowly begin to grind their bare crotches together. One can’t be sure if this will end in agony or ecstasy… or maybe both.


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