Sinn Sage vs. Idelsy Love


DT 1422-03 / Time: 22 Minutes / Size: 530 MB

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Idelsy Love is busy posing for a topless photo shoot in the Double Trouble wrestling ring when Sinn Sage enters the ring. Sinn has a ton of attitude. She is pissed at Idelsy for talking behind her back. Sinn looks down at the much smaller Idelsy. To Sinn’s surprise, Idelsy isn’t scared at all. She puffs her chest out and stares right back at Sinn. Idelsy challenges Sinn to a test of strength. Sinn loses her confidence quickly as the women interlock their fingers and Idelsy bends Sinn’s hands backwards. Sinn drops to the floor and yells for mercy. Idelsy laughs at how quickly she defeated Sinn and begins to deal out an epic beat down on her once confident attacker. Idelsy puts Sinn in a body scissors and pinches her nipples as Idelsy screams for help. Idelsy ignores all of Sinn’s cries. She sits on Sinn’s pretty face with her round and caramel toned ass. Sinn’s face disappears and her yelps are muffled under Idelsy’s crotch. Idelsy loves toying with her helpless victim. Idelsy lets Sinn crawl across the ring to escape, but stops her inches from the ropes. She sits on Sinn’s chest, trapping her arms and chokes her until she is moments away from passing out, but releases before Sinn fully passes out. You are going to love watching Sinn eat her words and lick Idelsy’s feet.