Kristie Etzold vs. Georgia Jones

HD DOWNLOADABLE Domination Match

DT 1436-01 / Time: 24 Minutes / Size: 539 MB


Georgia, Georgia, Georgia Jones what are you thinking, getting in the ring with Kristie Etzold, ok you look fabulous in your sexy one piece wrestling suit and you are smart enough to jump her from behind in the beginning so you can secure a tight choke but this it the ETZOLD and she doesn’t go down easy so as soon as she is out of this you had better run… too late, you didn’t run and now you will reap the consequences! The revenge is immediate as Kristie picks Georgia up in the body slam position and carries her around before she slams her to the mat where she applies torment through a quick series of extreme holds: camel clutch, arm stretcher, surf board and so many more. Then come the lifts where she has her rag doll in so many wild positions as she carries her around the ring before slamming down hard, then some rib crushing bearhugs followed by even more inventive torture holds – then Georgia tries to leave and the ETZOLD just begins the whole incredible torment all over again… Georgia, Georgia, Georgia – what the hell were you thinking, but she does look great in that leotard !!!!!!