Milana Ricci and Aidra Fox

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Multi-fall Knock-out Match

DT-1444-01  / Time: 26 Minutes / Size: 597


These girls really like each other BUT, they are both very competitive and want to win this multi fall knock out match – that’s right they have to win each fall with a knock out. Milana Ricci and Aidra Fox are topless with skimpy bottoms as they listen to the rules, they smile and giggle but when the match starts they lock up in a test of strength that works it’s way to the mat where a face sit then breast smother almost has one babe out, then a reversal and choke puts one out. Showing they are still friends a kiss wakes up the beaten girl and we are ready for another round as round and round it goes with each beauty getting knock outs with many varied leg chokes, head chokes, breast smothers and face sits — also along the way are great gut claws and slugs, over the back neck stretcher, and other great holds. But those chokes, especially the leg chokes as one set of strong legs wraps around the slender neck and constricts while the other set of sleek legs squirms and writhes and let me tell you these are some gorgeous gams, matter of fact everything about these babes is beautiful so if you haven’t seen two of DTs newest beauties you are in for a real treat because these two are fast becoming two of our most popular ladies and for good reason !!!!!!