Miko Sinz & Saya Song

HD DOWNLOADABLE Bikini Pro-style Match

DT-1446-03  / Time: 23 Minutes / Size: 552

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Miko Sinz has started a new tag team and she thinks they will be great, finally her new partner shows up, Saya Song and she has quite the attitude with her sunglasses and matching leather bikini but she really irritates Miko with her haughty attitude. Miko wants to train her but her beautiful new partner has other ideas as she catches Miko in a deadly choke and then decides to teach her a lesson with a match book pin, then continues to tell all how great she is but when Miko revives the lesson really begins. You are going to love all these fabulous holds applied by one sexy Asian to another Sexy Asian; dragon sleeper, cross face chicken wing hammerlock, anaconda, death star, tarantula middle rope back breaker, over the knee hair pull, just to name a few because their are so many more and boy does Saya look great with her sleek firm body stretched to the max – her pretty face groaning in pain. Takes a long time for her attitude adjustment because this spunky babe can take a lot. Two gorgeous Asians and some of the greatest holds !!!!!!