Ember Snow & Kianna Dior

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Domination Squish Match

DT-1448-01  / Time: 34 Minutes / Size: 811

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Ember Snow is doing a foot video showing off her sexy little feet when in bursts a topless Kianna Dior, she is infuriated that Ember used her cute feet to give her husband a foot job — and then she has the audacity to tell Kianna she has big feet. Oh boy, here comes the squish as the big busty babe sits hard on the petit Asian then jumps up and down on the diminutive brown beauty as Kianna’s large tits jiggle. Poor Amber can only squeal and plead, too late Kianna has her whole body spread on top of Ember and uses her mammoth breasts to squish. Ember’s beautiful dainty body gets lost as Kianna sits on her chest, then on her stomach with more bouncing as she wiggles her ass on Amber’s gut. Backwards, sitting, lying and in all directions she squishes the little brown beauty, next she goes after Ember’s feet as she uses her feet to dominate in every way those cuts sexy feet. Finally she uses her biggest weapons unleashing her large breasts but first she exposes Ember’s sweet breasts, a suffocating bear hug begins the onslaught as Kianna’s tits collide with Ember’s jutting nipples, to the wall Kianna takes her foe so she can smash Ember’s tits with her massive breasts, from all angels and in all ways she smashes, then to the floor with more breast destruction and smothering. Ember, so cute and so destroyed and Kianna loves it so, especially when she can use her big beautiful breasts as the ultimate weapons !!!!!!