Tylene Buck vs. Kianna Dior

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Catfight Match

DT-1625HD/Time: 17 Minutes / 385 MB


Tylene Buck and Kianna Dior are two of the most buxom fighters that DT has to offer. They are competing against each other in a topless boxing match and lucky for us, their warm up routine consists mostly of bouncing up and down and shaking their giant tits for the camera. Eventually, the bell rings and Tylene and Kianna meet in the center of the ring. They get right to it and start throwing leather. Wild haymakers land for both women, but Kianna takes a commanding lead. She drops Tylene and then jumps on her, punching down with a storm of crotch blows. The ref forces Kianna off, but isn’t able to get a full ten count. Tylene is woozy and stumbling around the ring so Kianna takes the opportunity to breast maul her. The ref seems to be looking the other way a whole lot during this match because there are a litany of dirty moves utilized by both girls with little to no correction from the referee. Kianna tries to body slam Tylene, but at the last minute Tylene rolls out of the way and Kianna slams hard into the turn buckle. Tylene take control of the match and quickly drops Kianna to all fours. Tylene stands over her and delivers hard hooks into Kianna’s Kidneys. This big titty boxing match is just what you are looking for!