Misty Stone vs. Zerella Skie

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Apartment Match

DT-1623HD/Time: 32 Minutes / 761 MB

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Misty Stone is one of the most confident and dangerous fighters DT has to offer. Today she is meeting a new girl at DT, Zerella Skie. Both of these women are chocolate beauties and apparently they are two of the most jealous women on the face of the earth. Their shit talking gets real when they start boasting about how the other girl’s boyfriend has been ogling them. Zerella challenges Misty to a leg scissoring contest and Misty is more than happy to get violent. Misty lets Zerella put her in a head scissors. However, when Zerella squeezes with all her might, she is distraught to find that Misty is hardly bothered. When they switch positions, Zerella starts squirming and squealing and eventually even passes out. It looks like the first round is going to Misty, but round two features body scissors. Zerella has some very strong looking thighs. Maybe they can save Zerella from being Misty’s next victim. Before the body scissors start, Misty gleefully removes Zerella’s top and exposes her petite little natural tits. The loser of this video has to give up her boyfriend to the winner. I bet you can’t wait to see which one of these ebony cuties will be embarrassed on a DT camera.