Francesca Le vs. Stacy Burke


DT-1451-03  / Time: 21 Minutes / Size: 503


Francesca Le and Stay Burke are two of the most legendary wrestlers to ever fight for DT. The video begins and both women are completely nude. They pose for the camera for a matter of seconds before the bell rings and they are squaring up for a test of strength. As their fingers squeeze and twist, Francesca and Stacy slam their large breasts together. These beautiful women call each other all manner of horrible names and slurs. No matter how filthy Francesca and Stacy’s mouths are, their fighting is even dirtier. They don’t even hesitate to knee one another in the crotch or bite their already sore tits. It almost becomes hard to tell if they are screaming in pain, rasping insults, or laughing their asses off because they are having so much fun beating the hell out of each other. Francesca puts Stacy Burke into a camel clutch. She adds insult to injury by scratching at Stacy’s eyes and then switching to a double fishhook variation. Francesca finishes Stacy by literally biting Stacy’s bare crotch and sitting on her face until she passes out. If you are interested in the idea of two buxom and completely nude women fighting dirty and calling each other filthy names then you have to watch this one.