Francesca Le vs. Stacy Burke

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Apartment Slugfest Match

DT-1456-03  / Time: 21 Minutes / Size: 492


Oh boy, look what we found – a classic slugfest between two legends: Francesca Le and Stacy Burke.  Don’t know how we overlooked this great match but with thousands of matches this always happens and since Fran has not been able to battle for some time we are so glad we found this fabulous match and what a classic it is, more slugs in this then we thought possible, both belly bombs and killer face blows.  Both ladies have heard about their foe bragging about who is stronger and decide to meet to settle this once and for all, now Fran lost the last battle but she is determined to beat hell out of her blonde sister but wait, Stacy is no longer blonde but has wild back and red hair.  They strip naked and oil themselves as they get ready to do battle, one of them gets in a sucker punch and takes over but both ladies get in their blows, and what blows, these gut slugs sink deep into their sweet bellies and their head shots literally throw them from one end of the room to the other.  Some of the best slugs and by two of our DT legends, so happy we found this amazing video with these two wild naked beauties to entertain you in these stay at home days.  Get ready – it’s a classic slugfest between two classics !!!!!!