Mia Li vs. Lisa Comshaw

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Ring Match

DT-1455-03  / Time: 17 Minutes / Size: 404

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Lisa Comshaw had the best laugh and an almost constant smile, even when getting her ass beat she’s in great spirits and that’s the way we want to remember this beautiful lady.  This was our last match with Lisa and she is getting older but still as spunky as ever and willing to go up against a great fighter in Mia Li, don’t tell Lisa she doesn’t have a chance, no she is as game as they come and puts up one hell of a battle.  The action is so wild both babes end up topless but the battle continues.  Lisa gets in some great moves, an incredible head scissors has our gorgeous Asian sprawled out on the mat and when their bodies compress they hold it so long smashing their breasts together as Lisa eventually tries to breast smother Mia.  With each fall Lisa comes out strong but most of the time Mia’s youth and strength are just too much, it makes for one hell of a fun match.  LISA, LISA, LISA — we will miss you, your beautiful smile, your incredible laugh — such a fun personality, a great actress and a beautiful lady  —— we miss you  !!!!!!