Olivia Austin vs. London Rivers


DT-1456-01  / Time: 20 Minutes / Size: 474

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Olivia Austin and London Rivers begin this match completely nude. In fact they recently finished a previous fight and start fighting again when they wake up from their pain and exhaustion induced loss of consciousness. They crawl drowsily towards each other. When they finally get their hands on one another they wake up and start fighting. Olivia and London bear hug and smash their large breasts together. These blonde beauties pinch and squeeze each other’s breasts as they rub their perfect hourglass figures together. The match ebbs and flows between violent and sensual. One minute the women will be slamming their chests together and the next they will be slowly and lightly  massaging their nipples together. London and Olivia take a minute to lie on the bed and bite one another’s nipples in a contest to see who can take more pain. Both fighters nearly pass out from the agony. They also scissor their legs together in a tribadism contest. As Olivia and London moan, it becomes increasingly hard to tell whether they are crying out in pain or pleasure. Before the contest gets too exciting for both women, they begin breast mauling and bear hugging. These beautiful blonde bombshells are perfect for keeping you warm on cold and lonely nights.