Prinzzess vs Misty Stone


DT-1459-02  / Time: 28 Minutes / 657 MB

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Prinzzess has her enemy Misty Stone tied up with a chain collar around her neck. Misty defeated Prinzzess and humiliated her afterwards. Prinzzess is going to make Misty pay for her disrespect. Prinzzess saunters into the ring wearing a red and white bikini. She is leading a sour faced Misty with a heavy metal chain. Misty walks awkwardly as her hands are tied behind her back. Prinzzess gets in the ring and yanks on the chain to force Misty under the bottom rope in a frustrated wiggle. Misty is not allowed any clothes, to increase her humiliation. Prinzzess decides to begin Misty’s physical torture with a wrestling beat down. She tells Misty to stare at the floor and not look at her as she removes Misty’s chains and bindings. Misty quickly responds, “Yes mistress.” Prinzzess takes her top off. She grabs Misty from behind and pushes her into the corner. Holding Misty by the back of the head, she delivers multiple strikes to Misty’s kidneys. Misty drops to her knees. Prinzzess turns her back to Misty and demands that Misty remove her bottoms. Misty does as she is told. When Prinzzess is sure that she has Misty fully beaten down and under her control, she puts on a blindfold and tells Misty to pleasure her. Misty massages and kisses Prinzzess’ nude body. When Prinzzess is fully pleasured, she puts the blindfold on Misty. She ties Misty to the ropes and puts nipple clamps on her. The second half of this video consists of Prinzzess putting Misty through a naughty session of light teasing, spanking, and BDSM. This is one steaming hot match.