Ariel X vs Miranda Chen

HD DOWNLOADABLE Bikini Domination Match

DT-1459-01  / Time: 26 Minutes / 596 MB

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Boy what we need in these trying times is to see Ariel X dominate a gorgeous Asian girl, wow what a coincidence we have just that.  Miranda is a striking beauty and she is willing to fight, of course she doesn’t know who Ariel X is and that she is one of the toughest ladies to ever enter a ring but this amazing brunette is ready.  The battle begins and it’s back and forth till Miranda wraps those amazing legs around X then squeezes till she has X weak then climbs on top and chokes, both hands tighten till Ariel is breathless. But then she insults Ms. X and you guessed it, all hell breaks loose as with a vengeance Ariel goes after her and we are treated to domination only Ariel is capable of, many of these body bending holds I don’t even know the name of and others are so much fun to watch like: Tarantula middle rope backbreaker, dragon sleeper, ground STF neck twist, anaconda hand smother, crucifix scissor, death star, back bend chin lock with grapevine and sooooo many more and all with revenge pain that Ariel is so adept at.  Miranda never looked so gorgeous and Ariel never looked so determined —— X markes the spot and the spot in revenge !!!!!!