Ariel X vs. Sarah Brooke & Misty Stone

HD DOWNLOADABLE Domination Match (one topless wrestler)

DT-1460-03  / Time: 24 Minutes / 559MB

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Ariel X is the queen of destruction, she is strong and such a great athlete that every woman is afraid of her, she is also the District Attorney who always gets the criminals, so when Sarah Brooke rescues Misty Stone from Ariel Misty is overcome with thanks but Sarah has a real surprise for her – she has trapped the great D.A. destroyer. Yes Sarah has tied Ariel to the ropes – in her dress, heels and glasses Ariel wakes to a joyful Misty who starts her payback with gut slugs then pulls Ariel’s blouse apart to attack her breasts, Sarah soon joins her in this ravaging and both kick, slug and gouge. Each takes hold of a nipple and pulls to screams of pain, stretching Ariel’s breasts to the sides. Ariel pleads telling she will go leniently on them with no jail but the girls do not believe her, they strip Ariel to her panties, take her to the mat and find soooo many ways to pay her back. They bend Ariel’s toes as they make her suck theirs, then one bear hugs her while the other stretches her nipples, they hang her over the ropes and shower her with gut slugs, one applies a back breaker while the other batters and then soooo many more positions of destruction and they haven’t even come close to the end where they oil Ariel up then hang her from the ceiling and …. !!!!!!