Ariel X vs. Milana


DT-1461-01  / Time: 22 Minutes / 534 MB

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Milana is a petite little brunette. She is wearing a pink bikini. Milana has not been fighting for long. She seems a little unsure of herself, especially when she sees her opponent. On the other side of the ring stands Ariel X, one of the most dominant wrestlers on the DT roster. Ariel is sporting a blue bikini. Her body ripples with muscles. She stalks Milana down. Ariel’s posture is confident as she gets in Milana’s face. Ariel tells Milana that she looks very flexible. In fact, Ariel suggests they try to find out exactly how flexible Milana’s back really is. Ariel tries to grab Milana, but Milana lands a knee to Ariel’s tummy. She crumbles to the ground. Milana jumps on Ariel’s back and puts her in a camel clutch. Milana reaches around and pulls out Ariel’s plump tits. Ariel bucks Milana off. She puts Milana in a Boston crab. Ariel takes her time as she pulls Milana’s top away, exposing her adorable tits. Ariel puts Milana through a barrage of back breakers and bow and arrows that truly tests the limits of Milana’s flexibility. Milana yelps and cries as she is nearly broken in half. You are going to love seeing a powerful fighter manipulate the slight frame of a weaker girl!