Ariel X vs. Saya Song


DT-1465-01/ Time: 24 Minutes / 569 MB

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This video begins with Ariel X and Saya Song both topless and oiled up. Ariel recently found out that her boyfriend has been seeing Saya, a famous foot fetish model. Ariel is going to put a stop to that right away. She grabs a handful of Saya’s hair. She yanks Saya around the ring before throwing the petite fighter into an inflatable pool filled with baby oil. Ariel puts Saya in a body scissors. She squeezes until Saya lets out grunts of pain. Ariel caresses Saya’s slim figure as she flips her onto her stomach and applies a camel clutch. Saya cries out that she “can’t breath!” Ariel smiles and flexes for the camera as she explains that she “is in complete control,” because she is stronger. Saya is helpless and in pain. Ariel is truly enjoying the absolute control she has over Saya. Ariel moves Saya’s torso to the edge of the pool. Ariel sits on Saya’s face. Ariel’s oiled and shiny ass smothering Saya’s beautiful face is extremely erotic. At first, Saya still has some fight in her. She goads Ariel, telling her that she “enjoyed having” Ariel’s boyfriend sucking on her toes. However, it doesn’t take long for Ariel to squeeze every last bit of resistance out of Saya. By the end of the match, Ariel is rubbing her greasy toes all over Saya’s face and body. I don’t think Saya will be fooling around with Ariel’s man any time soon.