Aidra Fox, Milana Ricci and Audrey Miles

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Domination Match

DT-1468-01/ Time: 24 Minutes / 561 MB

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So many have been waiting for the conclusion of 1458-02, the Chain Gang series, this time with Aidra Fox, Milana Ricci and Audrey Miles and of course the mean Mr. Chain.  Finally we don’t have to keep telling everyone it’s coming – because it’s HERE!  We pick up mid action where a nude Aidra is being woman handled by the two sexy members of the chain gang, they each take an end and stretch that sleek body, one even gets outside the ring for more leverage.  This is just the beginning of an onslaught of incredible stretching, both babes take a leg as Aidra holds on to the bottom rope, they split her like a wish bone, then Aidra is on her belly as one picks up her legs while the other her arms smashing her supple breasts into the canvas, a double bow and arrow both front and back and soooo many more.  And the holds: camel clutch while the other plays with her, bear hug while the other pounds her breasts, over the knee back breaker while the other molests her breasts and on and on….  We end of course as we should, with chains — Aidra’s naked body is hung with chains from the ceiling as the gang girls enjoy and destroy her nakedness till she surrenders to the gang !!!!!!