Christina Carter & Celeste Star & Karlie Montana & Jewell Marceau & Ivy


DT-1469-02/ Time: 34 Minutes / 831 MB


Christina Carter and Karlie Montana are close friends. They are having a nice, relaxing Sunday at their home in the Hollywood Hills. Midway through their playful conversation, a group of masked intruders break the door in. Christina and Karlie are terrified. The three masked intruders are Jewell Marceau, Ivy, and Celeste Star. Celeste grabs Christina and drags her into the master bedroom and locks her in like a snack being saved for later. Now, the thug’s attention is directed at the weaker and petite Karlie Montana. Jewell puts Karlie in a bulldog choke and parades her through the living room and then the backyard. Ivy and Celeste laugh hysterically as they incessantly kick Karlie in the ass as she is forced to walk bent over. Jewell, Ivy, and Celeste throw Karlie against the wall and yank her top down revealing her adorable and perky tits. After they molest Karlie’s bare breasts, they turn their attention to the woman they locked in the bedroom. In a similar fashion, Christina is put in a bulldog choke while the assailants strike Christina’s plump ass. Ivy peels Christina’s spaghetti strap off and the intruders focus their attacks on Christina’s massive and beautiful tits. Jewell removes the jeans from Karlie and Christina, leaving them wearing only their panty hose. They play with the nearly naked women in the backyard, in the broad daylight. The kicks hurt more now that there is no denim to protect the girl’s pretty backsides. Jewell, Ivy, and Celeste are having tons of fun. They even take the time to dress their victims in tiny black dresses just so they can undress them again. If you are interested in watching three violent intruders undress and mercilessly beat two beautiful and sweet you women… then boy have we got a video for you!