Christina Carter vs Aaliyah Love


DT-1473-01/ Time: 46 Minutes / 1.09G

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Christina Carter is sitting in the DT lounge. She is wearing nothing but bikini bottoms. Christina’s giant tits are on full view for the camera. Christina has a great big smile on her face. She is so excited to squish her tiny opponent, Aaliyah Love. Aaliyah is a petite blonde with small, but perky tits. Christina is milking every bit of fun out of this match. She actually went out of her way to flirt with Aaliyah’s boyfriend. She offered him a blowjob and boy did that piss Aaliyah off when she found out. Aaliyah comes rushing into the lounge ready to fight. Christina makes fun of Aaliyah’s small breasts. This leads to Aaliyah pulling her dress down and showing her bare breasts. The girls start a breast fight. Aaliyah tries to push her weak chest into Christina’s massive mammaries. Christina is unimpressed. She even yawns before turning up the intensity. Christina lunges her chest forward and pushes Aaliyah’s back up against the wall. Christina continues to smash her large boobs into Aaliyah. The petite blonde wheezes and grunts as all of her air is forced out of her body. Christina laughs maniacally as she dominates with ease and then tells Aaliyah that she is going to fuck her “boyfriend later tonight.” Aaliyah’s eyes grow large as she realizes her fate. The rest of this match consists of Christina crushing Aaliyah’s dainty body in many different ways. The video ends with Aaliyah being forced to worship Christina’s beautiful and curvy body.