Christina Carter vs. Kianna Dior

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Catfight Match

DT-1479-01/ Time: 20 Minutes / 495 MB


Christina Carter and Kianna Dior have some giant knockers. Christina is a raven-haired brunette with a pretty face and an hourglass figure. Kianna is a brown haired Asian with a feisty attitude and caramel skin. They are facing each other in small bikinis that can barely contain their massive breasts. They puff their chests out and start smashing their boobs into each other. This quickly leads into bear hugs that squish their soft fleshy tits up into their chins and neck. Christina slams multiple gut punches into Kianna. Kianna falls to the floor and Christina jumps on top of her. Christina rips off Kianna’s top. Her large pink nipples become targets for Christina. She grabs at poor Kianna’s sensitive puffy nipples. Kianna yells out in pain. Christina muffles her cries and prevents her from refilling her lungs with air by dropping her enormous breasts on top of Kianna’s gaping mouth. Kianna bucks Christina off of her and applies a brutal body scissors on Christina. Christina’s eyes bulge as her ribs nearly crack from the pressure. However, the onslaught isn’t over. Kianna flips Christina over. She sits on her lower back and yanks on Christina’s thong. Christina arches and kicks as she tries to escape from the pain of this violent wedgy. Kianna merely rides it out like a cowboy on a bull. You are going to love watching these ladies fight it out all while their big, beautiful breasts are flopping around in the open air.