Milana Ricci vs Cali Logan


DT-1480-02/ Time: 20 Minutes / 463 MB


Cali Logan is a lovely brunette in a black bikini and thigh high stockings. She has a big smile and her arms are crossed. She is questioning Milana Ricci, a slender bodied young lady from Eastern Europe. Milana is wearing a white bra and panties and thigh high stockings. Cali seems slightly amused that Milana thinks she could be the DT champion. The women start with tie up in the center of the ring. Cali uses her superior strength to force Milana into the turnbuckle. She slams knee after knee into Milana’s tight tummy and tender crotch. Milana crumbles to the blue canvass.  Cali grabs Milana by the ankles and drags her to the center of the ring. Splitting Milana’s long legs apart, Cali drives her heel hard into  Milana’s loins. Milana barely gets to her feet. The ladies rip each other’s tops off. Their perky tits are some of the best in the DT roster. Milana lands a few purple nurples and knees on Cali. However, most of the damage is done to Milana. At one point, Cali uses the corner post of the turnbuckle to slam Milana’s poor crotch into. Towards the end of the match, Milana is bleary eyed and too weak to even yell out. Cali sits on Milana’s chest and laughs as she easily pins her shoulders to the mat for the win. If you are interested in watching two adorable and tight bodied brunettes going at it, then this is the video for you.