Capri Cavanni vs. Cali Caliente

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Ring Catfight Wrestling Match

DT-1476-02/ Time: 21 Minutes / 479 MB

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So you just can’t get enough of Capri Cavanni, well we understand and are here to satisfy, also to add some pepper to that meal we have her up against the spunky beauty; Cali Caliente.  When Capri lays her gorgeous body on Cali’s and grapevines while dropping her breasts in Cali’s face we know we are being treated to a very special match, as when Cali takes Capri’s top off and uses it to choke her leaving the blonde in a wild state – how does she look so good with her hair so wild.  My favorite is when Cali mounts Capri in reverse, squeezes her legs together compressing Capri’s robust tits then twerks her fine ass in Capri’s face while Capri spanks that twerking ass.  Both babes are topless and Capri gets Cali in the corner and pounds her gut, then goes after her inviting breasts — soon it’s mutual breast destruction.  Lots of great chokes, butt spanking and holds like bow and arrow, camel clutch, breast smother, match book and so many more…  it is the ultimate in a wrestling catfight !!!!!!