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Match 1JC Marie vs Cherie Deville, these two are becoming a favorite pair and it’s no wonder as these two blondes are both so beautiful. Cherie is coming on hard as one of DTs favorites and JC has always been one of our favs, so bring it on, we can never get enough of these two. This is another great body on body pin to submission match, best three out of five. Our sexy blondes practice their body pins as they talk a bit of trash, Cherie says she doesn’t need the practice since she is sure of winning. Soon our sexy blondes are in an all out war, and the first submission comes fairly soon as Cherie presses all her gorgeous weight on JC who eventually gives but now a determined JC secures a body hugging bear hug and from there goes to a killer scissors around Cherie’s ribcage, with her foe now weak JC climbs on to secure her squishing pin – their bountiful breasts are squeezed together as all that blond weight is pressed into another beautiful body, now she gets her submission. It’s like this for the rest of the glorious fight, sexy wear downs with fun rolling and holds till we get to another great body on sexy body pin. Two beautiful blonde bodies squished together – what could be better?!?!?!?

Match 2 -Two feisty petits; Miko Sinz and Capri Cavanni are getting ready for their pro style best out of five fall match. Now it’s supposed to be pro style but that doesn’t stop Miko from quickly pulling on Capri’s pony tail to which Capri complains to the ref and Miko stops but soon Capri has the brunette in a chin lock and now she is pulling hard on Miko’s pony tail and the ref takes way too long to stop this infraction. This proves to be a theme throughout as each girls tries to get away with what she can; kicking, pulling hair, biting – they keep trying because they just can’t get the cat fighting out of their blood. A bow and arrow finally has our fist submission, allowing a great sustained look at Capri’s glorious ass, and even though it may be prostyle the girls manage to rip their tops off offering us a better view of their beautiful bodies. More holds, more submissions and much more cheating equals more great fun as two feisty petit beauties go at it in their cheating pro style wild way !!!

Match 3 -They start out topless and give us some fun contests before going into their multi fall wrestling match. First contest is Indian leg wrestling where their shapely legs lock and pull till we get a best out of three, next we are treated to an arm wrestling contest with their sleek arms straining till we have a winner, a butt battle is next as their beautiful butts smash into each other squishing that ass flesh till again we have a winner and lastly we have the breast battle where Danielle is a bit out gunned but battle she does till again we have a victor. Now it’s time for their great multi fall match, each lady strives to get those falls and they not only use great holds but some throws, yes, they are both using body slams but this is the skinny Danielle so it’s a lot easier for JC Marie to throw her, she even puts her in a bunch of airplane spins, Danielle doesn’t have the strength so her throws are more like rolls but her determination gets her the first fall with a cross body pin. Not only fun holds but lots of great corner action with slamming gut slugs and breast destruction, they also go after those breasts and butts in the holds as they grab and gouge butt and breast flesh. Topless blonde beauties with great contests of strength and a wild multi fall match, oh yes !!!!!!


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