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Match 1 -Rough play, that’s the only way Max Makita knows how to roll, and poor Emily Addison is on the receiving end again. Oh how Max loves destroying beautiful bodies and oh what a beautiful body she has to play with, Emily’s firm ebony figure is one of the best around and Max is eager to destroy. The Asian beauty loves controlling Em’s arms then punishing her; a test of strength begins the destruction, next Emily’s arms are wrapped behind her in a crushing bear hug, on the floor they’re pulled over her head, then stretched to breaking in a bow and arrow, then a surf board and arm bar. The treatment is so rough that Em’s top can’t stay put and her fabulous breasts are exposed, they ripple and roll from all the excruciating holds; arm stretches, figure four with arms stretched up, double arm bar and some very ingenious holds that have no name but are fabulous. The strong brunette Gumbies poor Emily, bending and stretching her in all sorts of contorted positions, never has that alabaster body looked better. Emily’s body and Max’s aggression — WOW!!!!!

Match 2 -With their sexy lingerie and manicured nails you wouldn’t think Ariella Ferrera and J.C. Marie would want to fight, but you would be wrong, they don’t just want to tussle, they want to withhold breath from each other – that’s right, throughout this match these two keep trying to smother their opponents. They do this with hands over the mouths and noses but mostly they employ their most potent weapons; those large breasts, they wrap those supple skin pillows around the face of their victim as they pull her head in tight, or they plunge one big breast over her entire face. Between the airless time we have a lot of beat downs; great wedgies, using those skinny thongs to split their beautiful ass cheeks, face sits that also suspend air and super breast destruction but always back to the staple; breasts in the face. The second half is all dominance as one lady takes her foe to the bedroom where she really concentrates on destruction, she does a lot of gut slugs, some crotch claws, nipple biting, and of course breast smothers; both big soft pillows surround her face, one tit covers her face, breast in mouth then covering face – then do all of these over and over again!!!!

Match 3Miko Sinz is back and ready to rumble, or is she? She is worried, who is this Randy Moore and how tough is she? Miko looks to be in great shape but is a bit worried about her come back. Both ladies start out topless, Randy goes hard after Miko, but the bewitching brunette moves quickly and we realize she is as quick as ever, she goes low to Randy’s sexy legs and knocks her down, in a test of strength she pushes the lean blonde down and is soon on her with a devastating camel clutch. Harder and harder she pulls, stretching the blonde upwards pulling her pert nipples off the canvas – she implores Randy to give, higher, harder, higher – finally she submits. Not only does Randy lose the first fall but Miko now has a fire in her, so when she gets poor Randy’s arm bent behind her back in the next fall she won’t let go, not until she slams that beautiful blonde head into each turnbuckle and forces another submission – and get ready for the real humiliation, she makes Randy go to a scoreboard and log in the defeats. This is just the beginning of many defeats as Miko applies; arm bars, surf boards, test of strengths, nipple destruction, figure four head scissors, school girl pin and choke and many more. Each time Randy submits she has to take that long walk to the score board and log her humiliation. Marvelous Miko is back and wants everyone to know it !!!!!


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