Minnie Manga vs. Alyssa Reece

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Pro-Style Match

DT-1476-03/ Time: 24 Minutes / 547 MB


We have all been waiting for this one, so many requests for the rubber match between these two fabulous ladies: Alysa Reece and Minnie. Whoever wins this one is the real champion and that is saying a lot because both these ladies are not only great wrestlers but also outstanding physical specimens. Alyssa has been working out like crazy to get ready for this match and it shows, she has always been firm and sleek but now she is truly amazing and of course Minnie is her usual cocky beautiful self. After their stretching and trash talking they strip as the Euro girls like to do it in the raw and why not with their natural amazing bodies. The wrestling is hot and heavy, as their naked bodies strain; legs flex in body scissors, whole bodies wrench in ab stretches, arms flex in bear hugs, butts tighten in Boston crabs, legs strain in leg splitters, spirits weaken in figure four leg locks and over the back back breakers are just too much. Each girl works her hold to perfection as these naked bodies show the pain with each exertion and what a joy it is to see two of the best Europe has to offer in this rubber match for the championship — you wanted it, we got it —- two of the best at their best !!!!!!